Nuclear Protection

Residual radiation in the form of radioactive fallout will present the greatest hazard to survival. Fallout is formed by debris being sucked up into the fireball becoming radioactive and falling back to earth. 

It can be carried by the wind for distances of hundreds of miles, before falling to the ground. The radiation from this dust is very dangerous as you cannot hear, see or smell it and to detect it you will need specialized equipment (A subject I will cover later).

If you are exposed to fallout it can cause sickness and death. If this dust alights on your home it will remain a danger to you and your family for many days after a nuclear detonation. 

Remember: As radiation passes through material its intensity is reduced so the thicker and denser the material the better.

Contrary to some opinion I say your best chance of survival is to stay at home. Do not head for the hills. As you know fallout is our biggest hazard to survival, as it goes where the wind blows it. 

Yes even into “Nuclear Free Zones” and the more remote parts of the UK as well. So unless you intend to stay with friends or relatives or have a place to go ‘STAY AT HOME’ and plan to survive there.

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